The first TP52 designed to the 2015 TP52 Rule by Botin Partners and build by King Valencia for Eduardo de Souza Ramos will after a few minor modifications also race the 2015 Super Series. Who could have thought back in 2014 that the example set by Eduardo would have nine new builds as a result for 2015? It will be tough competition but no reason the 2014 boat will be any other than in reality our 10th new boat for 2015!!

Crew 2015

1 Eduardo de Souza Ramos BRA  Helm
2          Tactician     
3     Strategist
4     Navigator
5     Main
6     Runner
7     Trim
8     Trim
9     Grind
10     Grind
11     Pit
12     Mast
13     Mid bow
14     Bow