Xio Team Hurakan

Team Hurakan races the 2011 Quantum Racing fully updated for the 2017 TP52 Rule with a deeper keel, composite rigging, less displacement and a larger mainsail. A pre event practice race collision at the Puerto Portals event saw her rigging deverely damaged, which unfortunately was the end of the 2016 season for the team.

The boat carries the name Xio. Owner Marco Serafini aims to be back in 2017 and certainly is looking long term at the Super Series and TP52 Class. We missed you Marco & team!!

Crew (2016)

1 Marco Serafini ITA  Helm
2 Tomaso Chieffi ITA Tactician     
3 Michele Regolo ITA Strategist
4 Carlos Freire ESP Navigator
5 Alexandro Battistelli ITA Main
6 Gabriele Giardini ITA Runner
7 Salvatore Pavoni ITA Trim
8 John Hayes USA Trim
9 Michele Gnutti ITA Grind
10 Alessandro Santangelo ITA Grind
11 Andrea Pavan ITA Grind
12 Paolo Mangialardo ITA Pit
13 Alessandro Tonelli ITA Mid bow
14 Saverio Cigliano   Bow