Harm Müller Spreer, winner of uncountable Dragon events, including three times the Gold Cup, campaigned two TPs during the MedCup days. The team had some difficulties in the early 2015 events to be consistent in boatspeed but once that was solved they were a regular for the trophies. Their boat, designed by Rolf Vrolijk is build at Premier Yachts in Dubai and sports a very distinctive paintjob reflecting high ambition to do well on the race track as well as to have a good time. Platoon finished 4th overall in 2015 and again in 2016. In both cases the team was in contention for 3rd till the last race of the last day of the last event, a nailbiting affair. Harm Müller Spreer in 2017 will again push hard to make the final jump onto the podium.

Crew (2016):

1 Harm Müller Spreer   GER Helm
2 Markus Wieser GER Tactician     
3 Jordi Calafat ESP Strategist
4 Johan Barne SWE Navigator
5 Noel Drennan IRL Main
6 Victor Marinho ESP Runner
7 Daniel Fong NZL Trim
8 Noël Freeman AUS Trim
9 Andrew Taylor GER Grind
10 Martin Kirketerp DEN Grind
11 Philip Blinn GER Pit
12 Michi Müller GER Mid bow
13 Pedro Mas ESP Bow