Nautica Key West Race Week Coming Up

Comments and Insight from the Race Chairman…

This year, there are 38 handicap entries (24 PHRF and 14 IRC).  

First and foremost, I want you to know how pleased we are with the IRC and PHRF owners who have made the commitment to participate in what is unquestionably another very challenging year for all. In an extraordinary 18 months with the economy here in the U.S. and overseas, we don’t take participation by any of our classes and entrants for granted.

With the goal of providing the best racing we can for all, Premiere Racing has always given careful consideration to race management issues. It comes as no surprise that the economic uncertainties and losses have translated into a smaller fleet in Key West again this year.

·         There will be a total of 11 classes spread over 3 divisions (13 classes on 3 divisions last year):
–       Div 1 (50 boats):   IRC 1 / Farr 40 / IRC 2 / Melges 32
–       Div 2 (54 boats):   Melges 24 / J105 / J/80
–       Div 3 (31 boats):   Multihull  / PHRF 1 / PHRF 2 / PHRF 3
·         These preliminary breaks feature 6 handicap classes (3 PHRF, 2 IRC, and the Multihulls) with 6-10 boats in each class. 
·         IRC Racing returns to Key West for its fifth year with 14 boats racing (2006-17 / 2007-27 / 2008-20 / 2009-21). These boats broke logically into what should prove to be two competitive classes – both racing on Division 1.

4 Starts / 48 Boats
IRC 1 (Class 1A):  A 6-boat class with the biggest boat in fleet (Wally 82), a R/P 69 and 4 TP 52s. Handicap range is approximately 1.360-1.640.
Farr 40 (Class 1B):  The 14 one design boats will start second.
IRC 2 (Class 1C):  This 8-boat class is a fairly diverse group of boats that includes a pair of J/122s, Summit 40s and Swan 42s along with a J/44 and Mills 43.  
Melges 32 (Class 1D):  This strong 20-boat sport boat class will represent the 4th start on Division 1.          

Peter Craig