FRA 5211

Owner: Jean-Luc Petithuguenin
Design: Vrolijk
Builder :Persico


Jean-Luc Petithuguenin’s Paprec Recyclage Brittany based crew are mainly amateurs skippered by Stephane Neve.

The owner is a very well known sailing enthusiast who is founder of Paprec Recyclage. The company is very supportive of French sailing, besides the TP52 it supported IMOCA Open 60 and MOD70 campaigns as well as from 2022 it supports the Figaro and the Transat en Double.

Paprec Recyclage raced for the French team at the final Admiral’s Cup in 2003 and then was part of the winning Commodore’s Cup team in 2006, after being second in 2004, with Neve on the Synergia 40 of the same name.

Before buying their first TP52 over 10 years ago they successfully raced an A40RC under IRC. In 2014 they acquired Rán 2011 and for the 2018 season they copied that move by replacing their boat with Rán 2015. That boat was sold early 2022 but when the opportunity came up to buy a latest Botin design TP52 Jean-Luc decided to stage the team’s come-back earlier than foreseen, at the final event of the 2022 series in Barcelona.

Paprec is a close knitted amateur team, racing at substantially less cost than the full pro teams, and an example for anybody interested in grand prix racing on amateur crew basis.

Crew 2023:

1 Jean-Luc Petithuguenin FRA Owner
2 Stephane Neve FRA Skipper/Mainsail
3 Manu Dyen FRA Tactics
4 Cedric Chateau FRA Helm
5 Jean-Charles Malledant FRA Navigator
6 Matthieu Malledant FRA Grinder
7 Clement Meister FRA Grinder
8 Jean-Pierre Goyat FRA Grinder
9 Jerome Naquet FRA Runner
10 Olivier Camebourg FRA Kite trim
11 Hugues Destremau FRA Jib trim
12 Philippe Echassoux FRA Pit
13 Maxime Mazard FRA Mid bow
14 Yves-Marie Pilon FRA Bow

Photo 2022