GER 52

Owner: Harm Müller Spreer
Design: Botin Partners
Builder: King Marine


Harm Müller Spreer, winner of uncountable Dragon events, including three times the Gold Cup, campaigned two TP52s during the MedCup days. His previous 2018 TP52 and 2023 52 Super Series overall and TP52 Worlds winner for 2024 got replaced by a brand new boat, a sister ship of Alegre, Botin Partners designed and King Marine built. 

Crew 2024:

1 Harm Müller Spreer GER Helm
2 Vasco Vascotti ITA Tactician
3 Jordi Calafat ESP Strategist
4 Jules Salter GBR Navigator
5 Dirk de Ridder NED Main
6 Victor Marinho ESP Runner
7 Javi de la Plaza ESP Trim
8 Ross Halcrow NZL Trim
9 Gerd Habermüller GER Grind
10 Andy Axelsson SWE Grind
11 Jaro Furlani ITA Pit
12 Michi Müller GER Mid bow
13 Sean Doggie USA Bow

Crew 2022