TUR 1212

Owner: Ergin Imre
Design: Vrolijk
Builder: Persico


Provezza 10 is a Vrolijk design, Persico build and received a new keel and rudder over the 2018/2019 winter. This long standing Turkish team goes back to the early 80-ties. A string of IOR, IMS, One-Design and Box Rule boats followed the trends in racing and now their second new build TP52, all under the name Provezza.

Owner Ergin Imre is not only is a keen sailor but also has marine industry interests in and around Istanbul. His crew is a mix of mainly amateur sailors from Turkey and pro sailors from a wide selection of nationalities. If anybody “has seen it all” in yacht racing and has become an expert in setting goals for his sailing it is the owner of this team. Masterminding his TP campaign shows that by no means his interest and ambition has shrunk over time. Go for it, Provezza!!

Crew 2022:

1 Veli Ergin Imre TUR Owner
2 Hamish Pepper NZL Tactician
3 John Cutler NZL Helm
4 Nacho Postigo ESP Navigator
5 James Baxter NZ Main
6 Ahmet Edip Edipoglu TUR Backstay
7 Daniel Fong USA Trim
8 Juan Meseguer ESP Trim
9 Mo Gray GBR Grind
10 Matthew Barber GBR Grind
11 Samim Togan Alper TUR Pit
12 Kivanc Sevinc TUR Mid bow
13 Joan Fullana (Fuji) ESP Bow

Crew photo 2019