USA 52015

Owner: Doug DeVos
Design: Botin Partners
Builder: Longitud 0
Website: www.quantumsails.com/racing/
Contact: brendantp52q@gmail.com

Quantum Racing

2008 MedCup Champions and runners-up in 2009 and 2010. Quantum Racing won the Audi MedCup Circuit in 2011 with a new build Botin Partners designed boat build at Longitud Zero. At the 52 Super Series in 2012 she was the runner up to Azzurra, 2013 and 2014 saw the roles reversed. In 2015 it was Azzurra again but in 2016 nothing else can be said than that Quantum Racing stamped their authority on the series, such was their lead (59 points) when the dust settled in Cascais. But in 2017 it was reversed again with Azzurra in 1st and Quantum in 3rd with TP52 World Champion Platoon between them. Then Quantum Racing under Terry Hutchinson leadership took 2018 from Platoon (2nd) and Azzurra 3rd. With Hutchinson full on in charge of American Magic in 2019 we saw a Quantum Racing team with quite a few crew changes from 2018. In 2021Terry Hutchinson was on board again, as in 2022. In 2024 American Magic has another go at the world’s best known sailing trophy, which already for 2023 resulted in quite a large crew change for the TP52, mixing young talent with longstanding reputations. If anything, the 2024 line-up takes a few more steps on this road making Quantum Racing an exciting team to follow.

Crew 2024:

1 Harry Melges IV USA Helm
2 Victor Diaz De-Leon USA Tactician
3 Evelyn Hull USA Navigator
4 Nevin Snow USA Strategist
5 Warwick Fleury NZL Main Trim
6 Lara Polsjak SLO Float
7 Sean Clarkson USA Runners
8 James Dagg NZL Trim
9 Ian Liberty USA Trim
10 Alex Sinclair  USA Grind
11 Piet van den Nieuwenhuijzen NED Grind
12 Matt Cassidy NZL Pit
13 Sara Stone USA Mid Bow
14 Greg Gendell USA Bow

Crew photo 2022