The Sun Is Out For Day One

Three Races Today.


Thriller chess game type race one sees “good old” Bribon combining brains and speed in impressive way.

Team All4One equally impressive to fight back from an average first leg to second.

Matador, the early leader, third.

Team Origin showing good speed in the medium conditions with a good fourth place.

Luna Rossa 5th, loosing 2 places in the final run.

Cristabella 6th showing good speed, Same observation for Artemis, good speed, but not able to recover as well from an average first beat as All4One.

Disappointment on board Quantum, Synergy (ocs) and big disappointment on ETNZ repeating the start of the Cascais event.

Race Two to start soon…..


Bribon and TeamOrigin OCS…

Quantum takes early lead and carries it all the way to the finish, just…from Synergy in 2nd.

Matador a solid 3rd to take overall lead of the Marseille event.

Cristabella equally solid in keeping their 4th place along the track.

Fifth for Luna Rossa, 6th for ETNZ, 7th Bribon just stealing the line from TeamOrigin in 8th.

Disappointing performances from All4One in 9 th and Artemis in this race.

It is extremely shifty out there.

OH OH OOPS, Switzerland defeats Spain at the Soccer Worlds, 1-0………….

Then Quantum crosses the line for their second 1st, just ahead of All4One and Cristabella.

Good performance by the president’s men on his first racing day at the circuit.

Matador 4th, very consistent.

ETNZ should have been 4th, but it’s a 5th.

Synergy just squeezes in front of TeamOrigin, 6 and 7.

Bribon do not know about the soccer result yet, that will be difficult to swallow. As is their second 8th place finish.

For Artemis and Luna Rossa it is a tough day.