Aifos, Fram, Lucky, Weapon of Choice

Copa Del Rey is the TP52 meeting place where the MedCup TP52’s meet their IRC optimised sisters.

Weapon of Choice, a former Matador, is closest to TP52 trim, aiming to compete in the TP52 Worlds later on this year.
Earlier this year she competed in the Palma Vela. A hull sister to Bribon, she has her moments, trick is to get more consistent.

Lucky, born as Sjambok, is on a world tour. She competed in the 2009 Fastnet, the 2010 Cork Week, now Copa del Rey. Next will be the Middle Sea Race, then probably Big Boat Series and Transpac. A return to the Fastnet is also sceduled and even the Sydney Hobart is considered. Hats off to this team of world travellers.

Fram had serious work done on to upgrade her performance under IRC. Deeper keel, larger bulb, twin backstays and square head main, bowsprit and larger kites. Mast failure just before the Gotland Runt and some swift action saw her ready to race in time with the spare (2-spreader rig) of Cristabella. All efforts rewarded with a Gotland Runt win! In the Copa del Rey she shows good pace against heavy competition.

Aifos, the boat of the spanish navy, has been modified a few years ago already. One of the first TP52’s in Spain she still is in great shape. Considering the budget of the team it shows great efforts and determination. In the third race a good start and sound follow up during the rest of the race saw her finish in 4th place, just behind the MedCup 3.

We hope to get coastal race in today. Results later on.