AUDI MEDCUP 2010: Better, Bigger, Brighter

Audi MedCup 2010 planning is well ahead of previous years, it shows the event has matured and is improving by the year.

New teams and those interested to join for 2010, or allready planning for 2011, get invited to the 2009 events and receive well detailed info on the many aspects of the circuit, the boats, the teams, but also on the business side of the Audi MedCup. The exposure, the facilities, etc.

The Audi MedCup website, now in 6 languages, gets updated every day and has everything from quality background information up to Live Sailing for those who want to follow the racing from home.

With the TP52 Class transforming the boats for 2010 and 2011 to a next generation of top quality box rule racer as well as the best choice in the 50ft range for competitive racing under IRC or other handicap systems, Audi MedCup and TP52 Class are an act hard to follow.

It will be interesting to see what solutions the designers and teams come up with during 2010 and how translates into performance on the water. Where better to compare boatspeed than in the MedCup arena, the best platform to test man and equipment in the best environment. Both on the water and ashore.

2010 Here We Come.