Exciting First Race Trofeo Portimao

Textbook gybing dual sees 3 leading boats, Quantum, ETNZ and Artemis finish in matter of seconds in first race, with 4th placed Matador almost surprising them on the line, all within 5 seconds.

Local Hero Bigamist was early leader, but got squeezed out of their lead on first run by Quantum and lost contact with leaders a bit. Finished 5th.

Exciting Second Race Portimao.

Quantum shows great composure, at time matchraces ETNZ, to stretch in great style to 2nd win of the day.

Good breeze now, 16 – 20 knots. Likely they profit from it to throw in a late 3rd race.

Bribon gets going, finds good clean lanes with pressure to finish in 2nd place.

Look at the finish times, not bad all teams.

1 QUANTUM       00:57:41
2 BRIBON             + 00:10
3 ETNZ                 + 00:23 
4 ARTEMIS           + 00:35
5 BIGAMIST          + 00:40
6 MATADOR          + 00:43 
7 CRISTABELLA   + 00:44
8 VALARS III         + 00:51
9 AUDI Q8             + 00:59

First Run Decisive 3rd Race?

The right hand side of the first run came out so much better that race leader ETNZ was thrown back to 7th in a matter of minutes. Bribon did well again to loose not too much in this and Artemis and Bigamist profited big time from being in the right spot at the right time.

Can they hold the lead till the end and who will get to the line first? Sofar it is Bigamist by the smallest of margins. Quantum had a good comeback and now tries to get closer to Bribon but not loose out to  Audi Q8 and ETNZ on their hip.

Breeze has dropped a bit to about 12 knots. But very puffy and …..shifty.

Bigamist healthy lead (23 seconds) at windward mark, they should……… But it is shifty, remember.

Then Artemis, Bribon, Quantum, Audi Q8, ETNZ, Matador, Cristabella, Valars, Synergy.

They all seem to agree, go right, stay right, then first 7 boats gybe simultanously, Bigamist looks comfortable.

ETNZ gybes twice more, tries to unnerve Audi Q8, good 60 meters between them.

Still a good breeze, picked up again, boats doing 15 to 16 knots. Then drops again, 12 , 13 knots boatspeed.

Home team has streched more and finishes close to 200m in front of Artemis (+33 seconds). Applause on the dock where hundreds follow the racing on big screens.

Then Bribon (+1.45), Quantum, Audi Q8, ETNZ, Matador, Synergy, Cristabella, Valars.

Yes, the first run was decisive.

Good day racing.