Can de BIGAMIST do it on their home turf?

What is Shirley doing here?

Quotes of the TP52 Series official training day of the Portugal Trophy:

Morgan Larson, tactician Quantum Racing (USA):
“ It was nice that we had enough wind to sail. We executed our start…finally, but it was good to get things ‘clicking’ again. There is definitely a more relaxed atmosphere on board. I think our expectations have changed a little, so the attitude has changed. On the flip side we had a tough regatta last time. You want to work on the things which were not clicking in Sardinia, but things are the same as last year and so you really don’t want to change too much. So, we kind of took the view that we would work a little bit harder and push a little bit harder, but keep the same system that we have had in place.”
“ I think we were plagued there by a little bit of misfortune and the key guys on the boat were a little off their game last time, myself included. But it is a long summer with so many different events, that is tough – week in week out – to stay motivated and keep that hunger. I feel good now because the energy on the boat is good, so we are happier.”

Ray Davies tactician Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL):
“ It was difficult light airs conditions again. We were back in fourth or fifth at the top mark but sneaked into a third at the windward mark. The breeze was just going right for the first half of the race. The second beat was different, more steady.”
“ I remember that here the onshore breezes are very unstable and it wont necessarily be a one way track. There is interesting tide out there which changes a lot and so it is difficult to get your head around it. And the sea breeze is not as consistent as a Valencia-type sea breeze. It was always dying and often felt quite soft. Under 8 knots it is just naturally unstable.”
“ We are OK in the lighter stuff when we have a nice clear lane and can do what we want. You notice the differences when you are really trying to hold a tough lane. We are very comfortable in a tough lane above 12 knots. The thing with light air is that the breeze is a much bigger factor than any performance, I don’t think we are the fastest boat out there, but we can certainly still win races in light airs.”