Fascinating Light Weather Racing Cartagena

A thriller right to the finish line with Matador making the smartest moves in the final 100 meters.

Overtaking race leader TeamOrigin who also sees Artemis beat them by 1 second!!!

Bribon sneaks in just behind them making up for an average first half of the race, then ETNZ.

All 11 boats had their moments and there were chances for everybody till the bitter end.

In these conditions it does not get better. A race to re-watch.


Second Race First Beat actually is even closer!!!

Immaculate race by Bribon gets them a very good win.

With another solid performance by TeamOrigin for a 2nd and regaining the event lead from Matador.

ETNZ makes sure the overall MedCup lead stays fully under control.

And with 2 windy days to come even the event lead is still in sight.

Great stuff.


TEAMORIGIN another good start and first beat, star of the day.

Luna Rossa good first beat as well and at least equal in speed to Origin for the rest of the race, 2nd.

ETNZ all over the place, but with a bit of winners luck improving their overall lead, 3rd.

Most exciting stuff, certainly with the breeze hardly hitting 10 knots.