Eventful coastal race with one exception

The WL is the first race in Cartagena with well over 10 knots of breeze, if not close to 20 knots.

ETNZ dominated the race, behind them places changed as fast as the boats were going.

Quantum had a good second half for a well earned 2nd.

Then it got really tight between Bribon and TeamOrigin.

Origin just pooked her kite over the line first for 3rd, Bribon 4th.

Matador 5th.


Eventful coastal race with one exception, ETNZ wins.

Luna Rossa was strong till hitting a big fish. They had to drop their kite and slow down to get rid of it, 10th.

Cristabella lost a kite, 9th. TeamOrigin lost their headstay, it looked like their headstay ram is gone, 11th.

Matador was in 2nd for a long time after a strong beat to the northern mark of the course, she even passed ETNZ for a bit on this one, but what looked like a lock failure made it hard to get the kite down and once it was they were back in 4th.

Bigamist showed great control in a way that reminded of so many of last years races, 3rd as a reward.

Artemis quietly worked through the fleet to a solid 2nd.

Synergy, Bribon, All4One all put up a good fight, going up and down in positions regularly for a final 7th, 8th and 6th.

Quantum took a while to get going, but just when all seemed lost they regained composure and found the passing lane for a final 5th place.

This was not a boring coastal at all. The finish inside the harbour had many spectators and the navy in control of the finish gun for ETNZ certainly made their presence heard in all of Cartagena.

With two 1sts ETNZ takes over the event lead from TeamOrigin, tough day for the british.

Their overall Audi Medcup lead now is a mindbogling 47.5 points over Quantum. Simply the best.

Artemis is in 3rd overall at 13.5 points from Quantum.