IRC52, Interesting Rule Concept?

Bowsprit, larger kites, AC-style main, twin backstays, bigger bulb, max roach jibs. This is how a TP52 UK-style looks now. Inspired by the soft spots of IRC of course, but not often a Class has the chance to study the merits of a full size development.

Typicly a TP52 IRC-style has a DSPL between 7500 and 7600 kg, a STL (strut lenght) of about 8.3 to 8.6m, a SPA (spi area) of about 260 to 280 m2 and a bulbweight of about 3500kg. A 2008 TP52 will have a bulbweight of around 3000kg. The bowsprit combined with larger kites gives about the same downwind speed as the TP52 kite size of 247m2 combined with the use of a spipole, but IRC simply favors the sprit-larger kite combination in rating.

There seems to be not much reason to make these changes to the very balanced concept that the 2008 TP52 is. But you can imagine that a marriage between the two could be a good bonus for areas where IRC is strong and TP52 sailing is restricted or non-existent. There you could combine the advantages of having a Box Rule yacht with the opportunity to have a fully IRC competitive starter as well. You just have to give up the joy of spending truckloads of money on very marginal short term rating advantages, isnot it?