One Week To Ford Vignale Valencia Sailing Week!

May 12, 2015

Ford VIGNALE Valencia Sailing Week is now one week away. The prestigious regatta, which raises the curtain on the 52 SUPER SERIES 2015, starts on 18th May with the first points of the season on the table. Nine brand new TP52s and three established well known boats will comprise the biggest and most competitive 52 SUPER SERIES regatta yet. The twelve TP52s represent nine different nations. Racing runs through until Saturday 23rd May.

Valencia is a popular venue well known to the TP52 Class, not least from hosting the 2010 TP52 World Championships. The fleet have raced off the Malvarossa Beach many times and it is a challenging race course. Many of the class’s leading contenders spent many days racing and training there when the city was host to the America’s Cup.

Competitors by bow number, then helm, then country:
 01 Quantum, Dalton DeVos, USA
 02 Azzurra, Guillermo Parada, ITA/ARG
 03 RAN, Niklas Zennström, SWE
 04 Gladiator, Tony Lamgley, GBR
 05 Sled, Tak Okura, USA
 06 Interlodge, Austin Fragomen, USA
 08 Bronenosec, Vladimir Liubomirov, RUS
 09 Provezza, Andy Beadsworth, TUR
 10 Paprec, Hugues Destremau, FRA
 12 Platoon, Harm Müller Spreer, GER
 19 Alegre, Andres Soriano, GBR
 23 Xio, Marco Serafino, ITA