Rán Wins Practice Race In Close Battle Valencia.

May 18, 2015

Who will take first blood  in Valencia?

What will the biggest and most competitive 52 SUPER SERIES fleet of TP52s be like? How close will racing actually be? How much difference will there be between the nine new boats? What’s to choose between the five new Botin Partners designs and the four new Vrolijk designs?

When competition for the 52 SUPER SERIES 2015 starts Tuesday 19th at Ford Vignale Valencia Sailing Week some answers to these burning questions will become evident. Meantime, the level of excitement and interest around the dock in Valencia has not been seen for many, many years at an inshore grand prix regatta. Valencia is buzzing again. Nine brand new boats and three proven, established designs  represent a quite significant investment of time, money and energy for their proud, poised, expectant team owners. And it is a glowing reflection of the desire of owner-drivers to go TP52 racing.

For all that, it is hard to predict who might win the top prize for this this five regatta 2015 circuit come September.  There are many more variables than in preceding seasons. The fleet is bigger and so many new boats which are relatively unproven and unknown. It is ‘all change’ in the afterguard of the back-to-back championship winning Quantum Racing. Leading contenders Rán are only due to race two regattas this season. When there are well drilled, excellent teams which previously had an older boat, now they are armed with a new competitive boat they race on level terms. Any register of form really does default back to zero.
First blood? Additional insight is gained from today’s one, adrenalin fuelled practice race. Most of all It proved there will be nothing in it. At the first top mark the fleet was overlapped, mere seconds between first and 12th. He who won the start and a lane of clear breeze did best. Getting caught a metre short on the start line at the gun and life proved much more difficult.  

For the record it was Niklas Zennström‘s Swedish flagged brand new Vrolijk designed Rán which won the practice race, finishing just ahead of Jean-Luc Petituguenin‘s French, mainly amateur crewed Paprec, the 2011 build ex-Rán Racing. All the way through the fleet the places changed all the time.
New blood Into the line up of established 52 SUPER SERIES teams, Azzurra (ITA), Gladiator (GBR), Interlodge (USA), Paprec (FRA), Provezza (TUR), Rán (SWE), Quantum Racing (USA), Xio (ITA Hurakan Racing Team) and Sled (USA), three new, high level, successful teams make their debut in Valencia. Andy Soriano‘s British flagged Alegre are past Maxi72  world champions. Germany’s Harm Mueller Spreer is attracted back to the class because ten of the 12 boats are owner-driven.  He likes to drive his own Platoon. Russia’s Vladimir Liubomirov has assembled a top crew for his Bronenosec – a sistership to the new Azzurra.
Young blood American flagged Quantum Racing have unquestionably been the dominant team of 2013 and 2014. The core of their crew still comprise five sailors who won the America’s Cup eight years ago with Alinghi on these same racing waters off Valencia’s Malvarrosa Beach:  Ed Baird (USA), Juan Vila (ESP), Warwick Fleury (NZL), Lorenzo Mazza (ITA) and Piet van Nieuwenhuyzen (NED). This season Adrian Stead (GBR) replaces Terry Hutchinson (USA) as tactician, and owners Doug and Dalton DeVos will share the helming duties. In Valencia 22 year old Dalton DeVos steers his very first ever 52 SUPER SERIES regatta, coached by Baird. It is a new dynamic which is showing signs of settling quickly.
Hot blood….. ice in his veins? Azzurra (ITA), the Roemmers family’s team representing the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, the 52 SUPER SERIES 2012 champions won the warm up Gaastra Palma Vela regatta earlier this month and are clearly quick and very well prepared.  And Takashi Okura‘s team which finished on the podium twice last season have a new Botin design with Canada’s ice cool double Olympic medallist Ross MacDonald calling tactics supported by Hamish Pepper (NZL) as strategist.
Setting the blood racing….. One of the reasons for the outstanding success and longevity of the class is the managed evolution of the design rule ‘box’ which has ensured the boats get quicker and more challenging with each iteration. A new generation rule comes into force this year and that has promoted the building of new faster, more exciting boats. It is a different animal now but with the same genes as 2005 when the TP52 was introduced to Europe. The displacement has dropped in managed stages by 500 kilos from 7500kgs to 7000kgs, lowered 200kgs from last year. Draft has gone up in steps from 3.2m to 3.5m. Mainsail area has increased from the original 91.51sq m to 98.5 sq m now with powerful square roached mains. Spinnaker area has risen progressively from 247.6 sq m to 270 sq m. Max crew weight is down from 1273kgs originally to 1130 kgs, now sailing with one or two crew less. Deflectors on backstays which add power and control to the rig are new this year. From a traditional spinnaker pole length of 7.67m to a bowsprit at 9 metres (both measured from the front of the mast)

Racing starts Tuesday 19th May at 1300hrs local time and runs through until Saturday 23rd with ten windward-leeward races planned. There are no discards over the five regatta season which includes the Settimana delle Bocche, June 9th – 13th, Porto Cervo, 52 World Championship Puerto Portals 2015, July 14th – 18th, Mallorca, 34 Copa del Rey Mapfre August 4th – 8th, Mallorca, and climaxing in Portugal at the Cascais Royal Cup September 16th – 20th, Cascais.
Live coverage of the racing in real time is broadcast daily on www.52superseries.com
Entries Ford Vignale Valencia Sailing Week.
Boat name, owner-skipper, designer, year, builder
Alegre, GBR, Andre Soriano USA, Botin Partners, 2015, Longitud Cero
Azzurra, ITA, A & P Roemmers, ARG, Botin Partners, 2015, King Marine
Bronenosec, RUS, Vladimir Liubomirov, Botin Partners, 2015, King Marine
Gladiator, GBR, Tony Langley, GBR, Judel/Vrolijk, 2015, Persico
Interlodge, USA, Austin & Gwen Fragomen, USA, Botin, 2011, Longitud Cero
Quantum Racing, USA, Dalton DeVos, USA, Botin Partners, 2015, Longitud Cero
Paprec, FRA, Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, FRA, Judel/Vrolijk, 2011, Green Marine
Platoon, GER, Harm Muller-Spreer, GER, Judel/Vrolijk, 2015, Premier Composites
Provezza, TUR, Ergin Imre (TUR), Judel/Vrolijk, 2015l, Cookson
Rán Racing, SWE, Niklas Zennstrom, SWE, Judel Vrolijk, 2015, Persico
Sled, USA, Takashi Okura, USA, Botin Partners, 2015, Cookson
Xio, ITA, Guiseppe Parodi, ITA, Botin Partners, 2011, Longitud Cero
crew lists are on www.52superseries.com

Quotes: Adrian Stead (GBR) tactician Quantum Racing (USA): “We are in good shape now and seem to acheive a lot in the last couple of days here and I think we are now well ahead of where we were in Palma (Palma Vela warm up regatta earlier in May). We have a good set up now with Ed Baird doing the starts as starting tactician and starting coach with Dalton and that allows me to have a good look around on the race course. Then I do tactics around the course. Off the start line it is handed over and Ed is strategist. Dalton is used to high level sport and is used to being pushed hard and so it is working out well.” Niklas Zennstrom (SWE) owner driver Rán Racing (SWE): ” Last season we were the boat which won most of the practice races and so we seem to continue with that tradition! It was good. It is great with the bigger fleet. We got a good start and got a good lane and then we could sail our own race. I think the boats are very even. Every one is just trying to find the right modes. We are all learning the new boats. It is great with the new boats but of course there is a big risk with a new boat. You know what you had with the old boat, what you are doing, now you don’t really know until you line up. But we seemed to be fine. And it is good to see the old Rán just behind us. It is great to see the new boats and the new owners coming into the class. I think all the teams have a good level and there will be an even level. I dont think here will be some good boats and some not so good. All the new ones are still learning too but they are good teams.”
Michele Ivaldi (ITA) tactician Bronenosec (RUS): ” We have very low expectations. We have had the boat in the water for just over one week and so we set our bar very realistic. And so we have a nice surprise to have such a good package, boat, sails and rig and we have just checked in and are happy with it. The important thing is going to be how we sail. All the fleet is very tight. The boats are really, really close. And so it is coming down to start, strategy and practice. There will be lots of ups and downs. The goal is consistency.”
Ross MacDonald (CAN) tactician Sled (USA): ” We had a constructive week. The boat was two weeks late off the ship (delivery from NZ). So some of the jobs we had hoped to do have had to wait. But we have had some good training here and are in the mix. I think everyone is in the mix, though! I think it is going to be a very exciting season with so many new boats. I think if you threw it down on the table right now then you would not know how it is going to shake down. It is as close as one design. Our team is the exact same as in Ibiza and the plan is to keep it together as much as possible. Our aim is to keep our noses clean and to keep improving. As easy it is to say that will be hard to do. And we are not lacking for anything to get on to the podium. I would not say we are the highest budget team but we are not lacking for anything. We will have no excuses.”
Tim Powell (GBR) mainsheet and project manager Rán Racing“Sailing against other boats here for sure is the best way of learning. And it is a steep curve. The new boats are significantly faster upwind for sure. The boats are ripping around quite a bit faster than before, especially upwind. You notice the extra power. They wick up noticably in not very much wind. They are turboed up significantly on last year. Now it is understanding how you go against other boats with different sails.”