Quantum Means Business!

Race 4 Cagliari Event

It is Quantum’s race as the fleet come to the finish line of race 4. Mean Machine gybe right and splits away. There is a little battle going on between Bribon and Mutua Madrileña, the breeze has come down the left-hand side, Bribon is moving away. Quantum has gybed back and crosses Mean Machine. Desafio is staying conservative in the middle trying to keep out of trouble but they are a long way from the stronger left side of the course. The Russian team seems to have lost out to Artemis.

Victory for Quantum ahead of 2nd placed Mean Machine, 3rd it is Desafio, 4th Rusal Synergy, 5th Artemis, although it is close between these two boats. 6th Matador, 7th Bribon, 8th Mutua Madrileña, 9th CXG, 10th Platoon. Bribon lost their spot on the first beat when they were bounced off Mean Machine….    

Race 5

Course 2 for Race 5 which means an extra beat, although distance to windward mark is the same at 2 n.m. 165º. Desafio has had their main sail down which might indicate a sail change. Mutua Madrileña has had a man up the mast, the Russians are definitely improving and are getting the speed out of their new boat. It will be interesting to see their progress this week.

Mean Machine start Race 5 in exactly the same way as the last race at the pin. Quantum also repeats a start about one third of the way down from the Committee Boat and make an early tack onto port. Russian looks good. Platoon is the furthest right and was the first boat to tack immediately at the start. Bribon is in the middle of the course, behind them and to windward are Rusal Synergy and to weather of them it is Desafio. So far Bribon is not looking too special.   

Mutua Madrileña has their kite in the water which slows them a little, it is Mean Machine 3rd round on the left mark + 1 minute, 4th is Mutua Madrileña on the right +1.06, 5th Platoon on the left. Artemis pips Desafio to the gate, 6th and 7th respectively. 8th Dean Barker driving Bribon, 9th Matador, 10th Audi Q8, 11th Rusal Synergy, 12th Cristabella, 13th Valars..

Quantum comes in leading to the finish line, CXG about 25 metres to leeward sailing their own race in 2nd. Mutua Madrileña is to leeward underneath Mean Machine. Platoon has headed out to the right. An interesting battle for fourth between the Germans and Vasco Vascottos squad.     

Second race win for Quantum, 2nd is CXG approx 40 seconds behind them, 3rd it is Mean Machine at 1.57 followed by Mutua Madrileña in 4th.     

Amazing stuff and very close between Quantum (12 points) and Mean Machine (11 points).

On top of that Quantum is the new overall Leader of the Audi MedCup Circuit:

1    USA        QUANTUM        46        46        12                              104   

2    ESP        BRIBON        42        38.2        29                                109.2   

3    SWE        ARTEMIS        60        32        30                                122   

4    MON        MEAN MACHINE        41        78        11                  130   

5    GER        PLATOON       58        41        37                                136             

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