Nerves were showing at the start of Race 1 of the final event ofthe 2011 Audi MedCup.

Bribon, Ran and Quantum take advantage of a mix of ocs and penalty turns by Synergy, Audi All4One, Azzurra and Gladiator and finish in this order.

Race 2 most likely is the closest race sofar of the 2011 MedCup if not of all MedCuop races sofar. In a wonderfull tactical and crew handling ballet the boats went around the track with never more than a few boatlengths between them.

Pure advertising for TP52 and (forgive me) monohull fleet racing.

Ran showed good speed, excellent control of boat and nerves and did not give in to Quantum breezing in their neck to win the race and end up best boat for the day.

Container clearly not at their best in these conditions see a determined to have fun as well as a memorable farewell Bribon overtake them  by 0.5 point for the overall 3rd spot on the podium.

Great stuff.