Two more great races in blistering conditions see ETNZ jump further ahead.

Bigamist shows her metal in Race 9 with a clean win.

Quantum copies Bigamist in Race 10.

Artemis has to take a penalty after snapping her bowsprit on the stearn of TeamOrigin.

Bribon also gets in a mess in race 10, finishes race without kites.

Cristabella overcomes her spinnaker woes in race 10.

In fact there is nothing in it from position 3 to 8, just 7 points (58 to 65).

To show this is anybodies game, only consistancy is the trick ETNZ masters best.

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We are sad to leave the wonderful city and people of Cascais, it has been a great week.

Thank you very much and hope to do it again in 2011 with the TP52’s in even faster mode, lighter and stiffer.