Thriller Day 2 Marseille

Two Hitchcock Races in light conditions are huge entertainment for those watching the show.

On the boats there must have been some mood swings though.

Quantum 1st in Race 3 no surprise, but then 8th in Race 4 and Gladiator 1st, outsmarting All4One and Synergy in the approach of the finish, would have given a handsome return if you had put money on that one.

It was an owner/driver day with Niklas Zennstrom delivering a very handsome 2nd and 4th score, to see Tony Langley make the same total with a 5th and 1st.

None of the pro’s came near to that, next best were Ed Baird and Eugeniy Neugodnikov, each with 9 points out of 2 races.

The scoreboard for Marseille sure has opened up now, expect there is more surprise to follow.

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