Will it be TP52 in 1, 2, 3 at Key West?

One more day to go at Key West and strong performences by Anema (ex Platoon 2007) and Rio (ex Stay Calm 2007) saw them getting within 1 point of the STP65 Rosebud. Ran (ex Patches 2007) will run away with the title, showing her strenght with two firsts in day 4 of the event. Synergy is struggling a bit to hang in with her IRC optimised sisters, but no doubt the week is good practice for the 2009 AUDI MedCup.

1  Ran           Niklas Zennstrom   TP52     1/1/2/1/3/1/1/1  Total 11
2  Rosebud   Roger Sturgeon     STP 65   3/2/1/2/1/5/4/5  Total 23
3  Anema      Ennio Staffini          TP52      4/3/4/4/2/2/2/3  Total 24
4  Rio            Charles Dunstone   TP52     2/4/3/3/4/3/3/2  Total 24
5  Synergy    Sergey Pichugin     TP52      5/5/5/65/4/5/6   Total 41