Will Live Sailing – 3D Images – Virtual Eye determine the future of yacht racing?

To be able to follow regattas in real time on your computer anywhere in the world, hear the audio comment and at the same time see life images of mark roundings, start and finish is not just a reality restricted to Amerca’s Cup and Volvo anymore.

Soon every mayor regatta will need to produce the goods or loose sponsor interest. Just photos and written comments on the regatta or club website will not be enough anymore to attract real money.

As soon as  the option to watch Live Sailing at home gives a proven jump in interest for the events websites this will be translated in sponsors money.

A consequence of this will be that event organisers and clubs will have to concentrate on attracting one-design and level rating / box-rule classes. It simply is no use to watch handicap racing on your screen.

This will lead to a less important role for handicap racing and possibly less interest to facilitate handicap starts.

Also this might be reflected on the type of courses that will be set. Shorter and WL might be the favourite for the screen, but on the other hand the classic offshores might also attract the crowds.

It is early days, but the writing is on the wall. Let’s see what choices will be made.