Back in business!

Never a dull moment when racing a TP52. Today the practice race of the Sardinian Cagliari event.
Conditions look to be medium wind, flat water, sun.

Rusal Synergy have snapped up USA 17 and will be trying to come to grips with their new boat.

Caixa, still not fully finished her nose job, it was a bit more than cosmetical surgery that was required after Marseille, have got hold of Tau for the Cagliari event. Not a bad move, but well done to the team, it has been hard work to get Caixa ready for the repair and make the deal on Tau, deliver her to Cagliari, recut the Caixa sails to fit Tau, etc.

But if you can win the European Soccer Championships, nothing is impossible. Well done Espana!!

Matador is back, repaired from their Marseille collision and also Mutua is back. Mutua allready made it to the Sardinia Cup. It shows what a good team can achieve if it is really focussed.

Have a great week guys.