Bribon Keeps 6 Point Cushion Intact For Final Day

Again a nervewrecking lightish seabreeze day. Crews get slightly barbecued once more.

Container makes the right moves in Race 9 and sees Bribon race to their worst result sofar, a joint 3rd place with Shockwave.

The 3.5 points that this scores are their worst result however, so their discard.

But it puts the pressure on for Race 10.

Again some good pressure spotting gives them a jump on Container and a 2nd place.

Container 4th, Gladiator 3rd. So the 6 points cushion that Bribon had at the start of the day fully intact going into the final day.

Race 11 may very well be the decider, as a result worse than 3.5 points then becomes their discard.

Luxury position, but Container for sure not giving in…