CAM sinks!

TP52 Cam sinks during X Trophy S.M. Reina-Copa.

The leader during the three days of competition, “TAU Andalusia” of Jose “Pichu” Torcida has finally captured the Trophy. TAU secures its first triumph in this regatta and this class since 2005.

The sad note of the event was the sinking of second placed “CAM” in front of El Saler. Taking in water from the bow during the final race, the situation got worse very quickly, and in spite of all efforts and assistance from the fleet and race committee, the boat sank. There were no injuries; the crew all abandoned ship safely.

For the reasons we will have to wait for an export report. First comments read as that the fitting holding the headstay ram has pulled through the bow, leaving a substantial hole. CAM had a major refit in the bow section this winter, but it is too soon to tie the two together.

The TP52 Class for some time is discussing how to upgrade construction standards and not of lesser importantance the control on compliance with the standards. Like all one off racing yachts TP52’s have to comply with the ABS requirements. These requirements have not been maintained and updated anymore for a long time. Also Plan Approval, so the control, is not supported anymore by ABS for over more than a decade. The TP52 Class, at its coming Member Meeting, Portals, 25 July, is voting to approve of new hull construction standards for the Class,  to either ISO 12215 or GL (Germanischer Lloyd). Also Plan Approval by Germanischer Lloyd or similar will be on the table for a vote.

Plan Approval will not just find interpretations that are too marginal or plain mistakes, it also gives a good platform for an independent judgement of the designers’ plans and as such it will take some of the pressure of the designers shoulders to make interpretations that are more competative than sound.

Further refinements will be made in the TP52 Class Rule, there is for instance a proposal and support to limit the construction of the keel fins for exemple, to just steel fins. Also control options will be extended, taking hull samples might soon be an option. It will be decided and published soon.

It will all be moves in the right direction. Failures will always happen, no matter the rules or controls that we impose. The TP52 Class is looking for a better and fairer balance, and a way to control what is designed and build, to the benefit of all involved.

To be continued.