Container Super, Quantum Off-Day

Good breeze, big breeze, fairly flat water, shifty, puffy. First race 15 – 23 knots of breeze, second one well in the 20-ties up to 30.

Container crew shows great control over the conditions and Markus Wieser again flies downwind and shows no fear when it gets close.

All others drop the ball at times in the handling, resulting in some shredded kites and ego’s.

Ran is unlucky to sail into a hole in the breeze dimishing a 170 meter lead in the first race to 0 meter in seconds. But fight back well to second at the finish.

Also in the 2nd one they are not always lucky in their positioning, but fight till the bitter end for a 5th and 3rd for the day.

All4One keep the show on the road this time and show the others the road and their heels in race 2. Good for the confidence, keep it up.

Azzurra struggle with the kite take downs, could/should have done better. Should have been an Audi 1 and 2 in Race 2.

Synergy finish a strong day with a port/stb at the finish of race 2 to catapult themselves back in the results, just one mistake, but expensive.

Bribon average on keeping the show on the road. Were not helped by having to send a man aloft to get get quarter of a kite of Azzurra out of their rig. Possibly the redress request for this was handled a bit harsh?

Quantum from the outside had no problems in the handling department, but somehow lacked the confidence and speed they displayed sofar. That one gybe away from the fleet did not help. Good for bringing back excitement in the overall standings, but surely not their intention…

Great day of racing, great to watch….