COWES WEEK TP52’s Doing Okay In IRC 0

In a proper Cowes Week, blessed by good breezes sofar, mixed with a bit of traditional rain, the three TP52’s are doing fine in IRC 0.

Boats everywhere on the Solent, lot’s of tourists watching the show, one boat dismasted by an oil tanker and the Xtreme cat’s flipping over and clipping each other’s wings.

Johnny Vincent’s PACE started the week of fine with a second and first while the other two, TEAM ORIGIN and NEAR MISS, still had to find their pace.

But by the end of day 4 it is PACE with a 1 point lead over Charles Dunstone’s Team Origin in 2nd and Franck Noel’s Near Miss in 5th.

Competition is strong, the very much rating optimised “low-raters” Bob and Tonnerre are not easy to control.

All in all a tough week, we keep you posted on the final score.

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