Palma Puzzle

Two races today, breeze sometimes up to 12 knots, but very tricky conditions.

Shifts and variations in pressure producing lots of opportunities for losses and gains.

Artemis and Bribon master the conditions to take joint lead.

1  ARTEMIS  8  3  1  2        14
2  BRIBON  7  2  2  3        14
3  QUANTUM  5  1  3  6        15
4  AUDI TP52 POWERED BY Q8  4  6  5  4        19
5  CRISTABELLA  1  8  6  5        20
6  SYNERGY  2  4  7  7        20
7  MATADOR  3  11  8  1        23
8  VALARS III  6  5  4  9        24
9  HENRI LLOYD/WEAPON OF CHOICE  9  7  9  8        33
10  PAPREC RECYCLAGE  10  9 10  10        39

It was all created by a bit of miscommunication about what we were going to do, but that was set up from four minutes out. We made the wrong decision. But instead of sticking it in there and fouling everybody we made the proper decision, and we got on with it and got back into the race.” Grimaced Quantum Racing’s skipper-helm Terry Hutchinson“But the fact that we did not take ourselves completely out of it today is good.”

While the champions snared themselves only once, Artemis’ ability to sail clean and fast was outstanding among their virtues today, while Bribón – sailing on their home patch – are clearly quick enough in these 10 knots average breezes and flat water.

With Paul Cayard (USA) calling tactics for Torbjorn Tornqvist (SWE), backed up by Hamish Pepper (NZL) and Chris Nicholson (AUS), Artemis sailed smart in the difficult, unsettled breezes. With small changes in wind pressure and direction through both races. The SSW’ly breeze at between 9 and 12 knots – there were ample opportunities to make gains, and losses.

“It was a matter of metres if you could cross people or not, because they were short beats and very smooth water. And so I guess we just got clean, we were able to cross most of the people and approach the mark from the starboard side, which is great because you avoid all the ducking, yelling and screaming behind you.  So we kind of played it to the conservative side.” Noted Artemis’ tactician Cayard.